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The Story…

The Humans of Midgard prosper.
With the aid of the god of light, Baldur, who fought along side of the Humans against evil forces and
other gods who sought to destroy them, peace was secured, but only at a terrible price.
At the height of this war, Baldur sacrificed himself to seal away those who would destroy the humans.
The humans would go on to honor him with prayers and offerings to his shrine.
However humanity gradually forgot his deeds, and his sacrifice became a lost memory.
Slowly the seal began to break, and the forces that Baldur sealed away
have returned during a time of peak human arrogance and greed, feeding off of their foul sins to grow stronger.
A new war begins, will a hero rise to resurrect the god of light,
Baldur? Lets go on an adventure and return peace to the land!


  • The story of the Valkyrie begins again!

    Experience an all-new world with high-quality graphics and fantastic story.

  • Ragnarok V is more fun together!

    Make lasting connections by joining your friends in parties and guilds.

  • Raise your own character with various jobs!

    Experience a unique variety of jobs and advanced classes.

  • Adventure with various pets and mercenaries!

    60 types of mercenaries and 26 types of pets to support your adventure.