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[EVENT] Celebrate Official Launch!!




Hello Adventurer,
As our server has been officially open, let's express our happiness and write down some cheering comments in the comment section of this post below and get special rewards from us!

Special bonus rewards:
150,000 Zeny for all players, if reached 500 comments or more

Terms & conditions:
- When 500 comments or more are reached, we will announce a notice on each platforms and give you the rewards after the target achieved
- The rewards will be send to your mailbox of your character.
- 1 account can only participate once in this event.

Event period ends until June 08,2022. 23:59PM(UTC+10)

If you haven't download the game, you may read the detailed information regarding our official release, here: https://www.ragnarokv.com/Community/BoardDetail/20

Please keep support us on the comment section NOW and achieve the goal! We hope for a lot of support in the future! ^^

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