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Official service of Ragnarok V: Returns starts now!


5/25/2022 12:42:27 PM


Hello Adventurer,

Our server is now OPEN! 

Login now and start your journey! If you haven't downloaded the game, click the 'GAME START' button located on right upper



These are important information about our Official Release:

Ragnarok V: Returns server is located in Oceania and players may experience lag or delay if played from outside the region (PC Version).

Please note that you need to remove the last closed beta version of the game before you download the new one.

Make sure you have at least 6 GB of free storage for installation.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection when downloading. Using wifi is advised.

Disconnection during in-game content downloads does not restart your progress. Do not worry.

If you experience any issues regarding our Official Release, please let us know.

If you experience issues or have inquiries in-game, kindly please contact our Customer Support that you can find in Setting -> Customer Service



We want to inform you that players who have pop-up blocker settings on a browser when logging in to the web must unblock them in order to play the game normally.


We wish you enjoy starting your adventure with numerous new friends all over the world