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RAGNAROK V : Ragnarok, a new chapter begins!
  • Swordsman


    Possesses strong physical attack and physical defense, and leads the battle from the front.
    The satellite city of Izlude is the core training site of outstanding swordsmen,
    and they are famous for fighting to the end without retreat no matter how strong their enemies are.

  • Mage


    Gifted in the arts taught at the magic city of Geffen, Mages are those who excel at manipulating mana,
    and endlessly crave knowledge so that they may control the elements that exist in the world.

  • Thief


    Orphans and back alley types with sharp wits, and agile bodies that get recruited into the Thieves Guild.
    Using either poisons, or other forms of trickery, they excel in chaotic situations and are adept fighters in their own right.

  • Archer


    The mysterious town of Payon is reknown for their bow handling skills, training Archers who thrive in ranged combat,
    using their sharp sight,
    and keen skills to shoot arrows that dispatch their foes.

  • Merchant


    Even in war, money has to flow somehow, and who better to make their fortune in combat than a brave Merchant.
    Nurturing an obsession with money has resulted in a very unorthodox method of combat, the method of using Money
    as actual power to rise above both their enemies, and their competition.

  • Acolyte


    Blessed individuals who were raised serving God, Acolytes use their gifted powers to make
    their companions stronger, heal the wounded, or vanquish Demons and Undead being lead by their faith.